S6V10 - Quick performance upgrade!

Gunner Bill

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Jul 26, 2009
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After getting the S6 last year I decided to treat it to some K&N air filters. Duly delivered I went about fitting said filters and was surprised (or perhaps not) to find that despite a recent Audi service that the filters in the vehicle look like they'd not been changed in 5 years.

However it put into stark contrast the benefit of the K&N items as there's a much crisper throttle response and a lovely induction noise now coming from under the bonnet!

S6 owners - CHECK YOUR FILTERS! :w00t:
Surprised replacement K&Ns have added to the noise?

If you've not got one get a Milltek and you'll know what V10 noise is all about!
Is there much difference in miltek resonated and non resonated sound wise. Want nice burble at idle, roar on acceleration but not headache when cruising!
I had a res and it didn't cut it for me. Switched to non-res and never looked back. V10 burble on idle, sounds gorgeous and distinctive when you nail it and on cruise it's fine. Res didn't do it for me but then I like em loud!