Eibach springs

An update regarding this with the Eibach springs, and the spring pads that come with them.

OEM spring pads only with Eibach springs

OEM springs pads, Eibach spring pads, and Eibach springs.

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Hi, I ordered Eibach Pro-kit for my S3. I asked the vendor about the rear spring pads and they said that the kit comes with springs only. I tried to google for the pads/spacers or whatever they are called, and I really can't find a specific product for pro-kit & S3 combo.

Is there some generic pads that I can use, or where can I get the right ones? Eibach US lists some accessory spacers on their page, but they don't seem right (they're metal).
I put a prokit on mine about 6 weeks ago. My box had a pair of pads in it, which we didnt fit.

Car sat too low at the back and had too much camber on the rears.

I bought new OE spring pads, and refitted with the eibach pads that the kit came with.

This upped the rear ride height and got rid of most of the camber.

Thankfully, the rear is easy to fit, so wasnt an issue.

I really like the pro-kit compared to standard. New oe Bilsteins fitted at same time. Mine is a daily driver, so no coilovers for me.
Sorry, bit early in the morning!

The ones you've linked look like the ones that come with the eibach kit.

There are upper and lower spring mounts (iirc) that were tired looking when i fitted the springs, so i got new oe mounts/pads and fitted with the pair that came with eibach kit.
I put a pro kit on mine a few months back. I ordered brand new upper and lower pads from TPS and put the additional pads in that came with the set. Definitely worth doing!
The link doesn't seem to be working for me but the pads sit at the top and bottom of the spring. I figured it made sense to have all of the parts ready as I took them apart. As it happened, one side completely fell apart even though it looked pretty tidy beforehand. A no brainer really when you've just spent 600 sheets on new suspension!
Got my car back from the garage today. Koni FSD dampers were installed with the pro-kit springs. The kit did include the rubber pads. My OEM pads were in solid condition, I suppose they were changed at some point. One of the OEM front springs had also snapped, so that's 3/4 of the springs gone in a few months time :)

Height balance is good and it's not notable lower than previously (just the way I wanted). I did not measure it though, as the old springs were snapped anyways. Difference in the handling is amazing. It's more comfy on uneven roads too. Money well spent, great setup for a daily driver!
Ive got the ST (KW) damper kit and Apex springs haven't driven the car yet, but ride height looks spot on!
Apologies for bringing up an old thread but didn’t want to start a new one when most the information is here.

I’m replacing my Apex springs for Eibach and read about the spring pads. Eibach arrived today with what looks like one spring pad each for the rear springs only.

Rang TPS and they said there is an upper and lower spring pad for rear and a spring pad for front.

My question is which ones do I need when getting the Eibachs fitted.

Thanks in advance.

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