Cruise Control Retrofit


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Jan 11, 2011
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I hope I am not asking something asked a million times already...I intend to retro fit cruise onto my S4 when I get it back, it doesn't have a MFSW but it does have the gear change paddles so what will I need to replace?

Also, if I fit a auto dimming rear view mirror does anything need coding or is it "plug and play"?

Thanks. Phil
You might need to upgrade your steering wheel module for cruise control you need a high line module for it to work. You might be lucky and already have a high line module fitted once the cruise control is fitted it will need coding

The auto dim mirror doesn't require coding it just needs wiring in the problem you will have is if you have a bog standard mirror the window fixing is different so you will need to replace the windscreen.
+1, but given you have paddles, its more than likely it has required for cruise & mf controls, just try coding with vcds, but pay attention as if you code say an S steering module, it will take code, wont say its failed, but the coding doesnt change which means its not compatible.

New glass needed for different mirror, there is an adapter of sort, but I wouldnt use this tbh, just fit proper screen/kit.
Thanks guys, so for the mirror I need to buy a kit? is that an Audi only part?? I have bought the stalk for the cruise, just need the lower case now. Just need the car back from bodyshop now.
You need to use vcds ideally or you'll have to strip the column to see it.