17705 fault


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May 22, 2014
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I've got a 2001 s3 amk on a standard map. But I've fitted a new badger5 tip with cone filter a welly cooler, catch can,forge 008,new silicone hoses everywhere, n75 valve and done the n249 bypass and I keep getting the 17705 fault. Is this because the car now needs to be remapped or do I need to fit the yellow spring in the dv? I've had a smoke test done and ran the throttle body realignment on vagcom.

It's booked in at cc tuning on thursday for stage2 remap but didn't want to turn up with this fault

Any advice greatly appreciated
Fault code info can be found below... this fault code is also caused by a software bug but always best to ensure that you have no leaks etc... as you have already checked for leaks and found non then this is most likely due to the extra flow and volume of the components you have fitted... its no real drama as most tuners in the know can map this out...

17705/P1297/004759 - Ross-Tech Wiki

17705/P1297/004759 - Pressure Drop between Turbo and Throttle Valve (check D.V.!)

Possible Symptoms
Malfunction Indicator Light (MIL) ON
Power Loss
Possible Causes
Leaking Hoses and/or Pipes between Components
Boost Pressure Control Valve (N249) faulty
Diverter Valve faulty
Throttle Body dirty
Vacuum leak
Possible Solutions
Check Hoses and Pipes between Components
Check / Replace Boost Pressure Control Valve (N249)
Check / Replace Diverter Valve
Check / Clean Throttle Body
Perform Throttle Body Alignment (TBA)
Check for Vacuum leak(s) including PCV system

Thanks for reply mate. I'm still learning about vagcom and tuning petrol cars. I've tried everything in that list so will leave it for chris at cc tuning to sort out.
I'm looking forward to seeing some nice s3's at aitp and get some more inspiration and ideas