17704 P1296 Error in Mapped Cooling System


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Jan 17, 2011
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I got the above error since I changed a new chip (TTi Stage 2).

The first few days (after changing this chip), fuel consumption is crazy (mileage drop from 530KM to 350km) with lot of Black smoke (idle/ cursing / even Gear-R). And CEL light on and display the above error

So I downgrade to Stage 1+. black smoke disappear, but still have little smoke with gasoline smell. I use one device to check code.. The above error code is found after every cursing.

Searching on internet, it is suggested to change the Temperture sensor (so I did it) but error code still appear.

Any expert can help me?:sos:
Forgot to mention. If I reset the error, smoke is lessor. But will appear again....
Firstly: 17704/P1296/004758 - Ross-Tech Wiki

Most likely that your G62 Coolant Temp Sensor needs replacing. That would certainly account for the black (fuel based) smoke.

It's putting too much fuel in as ECU is receiving data saying that your engine is colder than it is - thus it adds fuel.

Use this to see what the reading for coolant temperature is:

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Yes, I've already replaced the Coolant Temp Sensor(Green Head) in last Saturday. But still could find the code. I believe I need to change the thermostat also.

Regarding the smoke issue, I often think the black smoke from poor A/F ratio (rich), In-complete combustion or even fault MAF..etc. Is it?

Anyway will record the coolant temperature (cold start/idle/after crusing) after my vacation.
I have found most of the time the changing the coolant temps sensor fixes the issues, but a few years back I read on a tuners forum this fault can be related to serial eeprom adaption area content not eprom flash. I will try and find the old post and post my findings,
I finally record the coolant temperture. It is 75 degree C (while the indicator on panel point at 60 degree C(car is crusing) and 90 degree C(car is stopped)).

Yes Nick. This error appear after changing to use a new chip (TTi / Taiwan Tuner). My last chip (Dunno the brand) not have this issue before..

This new chip **** me up... high consumption, no big difference on performance, come with this "17704 P1296 Error in Mapped Cooling System" problem... If the tuner not fix this issue, i am going to remove and use my original chip.....:banghead:
I had same issues with a Golf GTi last week which had been tuned by another UK tuner, I flashing car back to stock and wrote my map to the car, so far touch wood ther is no fault. Do you know anyone who can read/write a file to your ecu?


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