Audi S3 - Stroker Big Turbo build.

As the "winter" is coming to an end here in the sand pit, I have decided to pack it in with the S3.
I haven't used it at all the last few months, so going to strip it down and box up all the "go-fast" bits.

I have thought about dropping the AMK motor back into the car and sell it for a beer money, but honestly the thought of buying a gearbox, clutch, suspension and exhaust for the car, its just not worth the effort or the money. Maybe someone here would be interested in the shell for a project or maybe it will just get scrapped.

I have lost interest in the car scene for the time being and I'm going to go back to playing with offroad bikes for a bit.
Maybe in the future there will another project car but it will probably be more along the lines of this beast
I have always dreamed about a longitudinal engine in a hatchback with proper "quattro"

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If I had all the money in the world I'd buy an 07k and put it in the S3 longitudinally.
Get one of Iroz Motorsport with all their bits on it
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Shame to see you parting with the car. Will be missed, hope you still pop your head in the forum though.
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SOLD !!!

Roll on Polo-07k :tearsofjoy::tearsofjoy::tearsofjoy:
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