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May 6, 2011
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My S3 has developed a stuttering when accelerating and its recently got worse. It only seems to affect 3rd-6th gear, not first or second. It almost feels like the car is choking or something. Each 'choke' only lasts a split second but it will often 'choke' about half a dozen times in a row, depending on how hard i'm accelerating. Seems to happen between 3 & 40000rpm, but if i accelerate slowly i can get up to speed without it happening at all. The car idles normally but i feel its running a bit rough in general.

I cant have the car scanned until next week, so dont have any codes as of yet. Anyone have any ideas? My initial thoughts were MAF or coilpacks??

just had it out for a spirited run with the maf disconnected and its running much smoother, but still not perfect and the choking persists. ideas?
Replace the MAF with a friend if possible. Could be MAF or a slight misfire, have you checked the plugs?
cheers for the reply, will check the plugs tomorrow and probably get a new set ordered just to eliminate that as the cause of the problem. fingers crossed that'll sort it, i can handle £30 lol
I'd guess at coil packs or the coil pack wiring. A lot more people are reporting the coil pack wiring at the moment as these cars are hitting an age where the wiring is becoming an issue.
can anyone confirm that PFR6Q is the correct part no. for the NGK plugs? Not sure if i need something differnet with the APY having bolt downs??? thanks again
I have those ones they should be fine, hopefully this should cure your car :meeting:
Quick follow up.

After trying to remove the plugs a few days ago with no joy, i tried again tonight with a cool engine and some more leverage. Had them out no problem. And the icing on the cake is that (for now anyway) its cured my hesitation at 3000rpm :) and the car in general is runing much sweeter. Cheers everyone for the input.

For reference the NGK spark plugs used were PFR6Q 6458
That's good to here a cheap fix was the problem with your car the plugs on my girlfriends car were a nightmare to remove thought they were welded on :(

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