rns-e information required. please help!!


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Jan 3, 2013
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Hi all,
Its my first time posting on here so please go easy!
I've got an 2005 audi a4 (b7 model) with an rns-e entertainment system (says Audi Navigation Plus below the screen and screen says MMI when loading), bluetooth and multi-functional steering wheel, no CD changer.

Under the "CAR" button and the Version I have
Map : (Blank)

I have a proper Navteq/Audi SatNav disks however they are a 2007 version (8P0 919 884 M). I also purchased a 2012 version from ebay that was "Homemade".

What I'm basically trying to achieve is getting the most up to date SatNav disks to work in my car. Both of these disks i have however both say "CD/DVD is unreadable" when the screen is up and when the screen is down the disc says "Improperly inserted".

Is my software too new to run the 2007 discs? Is the ebay purchased DVD likely to be dodgy? would a proper 2012 set of disks also not work with what i have???

Any help is greatly appreciated

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Any genuine disk from 2006 onwards should work in your RNS-E, the fault you have means either a dirty laser head or a faulty DVD drive. Have you tried using a CD cleaner (not DVD) on the head unit as a first fix. Other people have also removed the lid of the navigation and cleaned the laser with alcohol cleaner and cotton buds.

Other than that it's a faulty DVD drive that needs replacing.

650 is the highest software in the MK1 RNS-E as I said it will run any disk from 2006 to 2013.
as above try a cd aswell
I haven't tried cleaning it yet. What's the difference between a CD and DVD lense cleaner? Also should this unit play DVD's when stationary? If so then this would be a good indication on if it was the lense or the satnav disks. Ill try cleaning it all the same
the rns-e dont play a dvd at all
try a cd see if that works
TBH the cd lense cleaner is only a very temp fix in most rns-e units I've had to work on, as the only way to get the grime of that laser head fully is to remove lid & clean with bud & either a tongue dab or alcohol as mentioned, tongue dab always works for my repairs, never had a comeback yet, must be all that alcohol I drink beforehand lol.

Anyway if you get stuck then can always send to me to clean/repair/test etc.
Got some free time today and thought I'd have a go at cleaning this DVD lens. Didn't bother trying a lens cleaner disk. Went on ebay and saved a picture of some rns-e removal keys. Traced them off the laptop screen ensuring they where scaled to 8mm wide and copied that onto some sheet steel. Cut 4 of them out, removed the glove box pushed the removal keys in and pushed the rns-e out from behind. Undone the 7 screw on top of the unit, moved the lens out so it was accessible and used some ipa electronic cleaning solvent and a cotton ear bud or 2. put it all back together and IT WORKED!!! Thanks all for your help.