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Feb 7, 2012
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The battery light came on yesterday was going to sort it saturday when i have time,

Today tho on the way home the ABS light and Traction control lights came on aswell cant turn them off using the button!

When i go to put my foot down it pulls away but seems to be holding back

Please help

Many thanks

hi there
are your brake lights working? if not have a look at the brake light switch, this can bring the traction and abs lights on
i had this issue myself and it was a faulty brake light switch
hope this helps
Hi thanks for the response, On the on board computer screen it did have a bulb with a line through it and i think it said centre brake light out (not too sure)

Just spoken to a mechanic he said it sounds like an alternator issue?!!

If so is this a big job?
i shouldnt imagine so as they are easy enough to work on labour wise
not too sure on price of alternator tho
hope you get sorted :)
Alternator not too bad. Just awkward. Brake light switch is a 5 min job and only about 20 quid. Do this first. I had same issue on a golf and it just killed the power. Took the switch out and it had melted !
you can easily check to see if your alternator is working if you have a multimeter

start the car put it across the battery terminals and you should get a reading of around 14 volts
Car wont start Stu so cant check, car was running then faults appeared and i turned it off and it acts like batterys dead (wont turn over, no power)
sounds like the battery is flat to me which could be alternator not charging

all the other lights could be related

get the battery charged or try jumping it from another car

its no good trying anything with a flat battery
As mentioned if the brake lights are stuck on due to a faulty switch the battery will drain also. The brake lights work even if the ign is off..
If you try to accelerate with the brakes on (or the brake lights stuck on) the car will restrict power to protect itself...

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