Moving from A4 3.0 TDi Avant to an A5 - Which One

David Cook

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Oct 17, 2011
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I'm looking to buy myself an A5 in the next month or so and am now wondering which one.

Currently have the A4 3.0 TDi Quattro Avant auto which I love.

Was initially thinking to get the 3.0 TDi A5 but am also now wondering about the 2.0 TFSi.

I must have all the kit I currently have, full leather, satnav, bose, etc

So what are the opinions and why.

Thanks in advance

Hi David,

I was also looking at these two cars and coming from an S3 I wanted similar power but better economy and lower emissions for tax purposes. I only test drove the 3.0tdi with the previous 240ps engine and being quicker than the 2.0tfsi and more economical sold it for me. I therefore ordered a 3.0tdi Quattro s line s-tronic. Not sure if you want new or used, but the newer engine is 245ps and even more economical/quicker etc and I have only heard good things about it.
Personally I think the S-line or black edition looks much nicer on the A5 than the lower spec models and must haves for me were, tech pack high, adaptive lights, interior light pack and folding mirrors.

Mine will be leased as well so whilst the 2.0tfsi would have saved the company money on monthly lease it would be more expensive on private fuel costs and tax.

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