Heater controls display a '3' on start up


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Aug 13, 2010
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Hi guys, had a quick search and can't find an answer. We looked at a nice B8 yesterday to replace our B7 but one thing I noticed was the heater controls displayed a '3' on the drivers side heater controls on start up.

Is this a fault code? And, if so any ideas what it could mean?

going back to do a deal at lunch time so if anyone can help this morning I'd be very grateful...

Not the overwhelming response I'd hoped for to be honest lol

Anyway, did the deal and pick this up Monday

It was tongue in cheek mate, I didn't expect a quick answer but thought I'd try my luck anyway... ;)

I hope you didn't take it the wrong way, and my apologies if it didn't come over the way I meant it :)

Think/hope its just the light... I took a couple of snaps so will upload them and have a closer look!
No worries, if you have vcds i would plug it in and scan it yourself, personally I dont trust anyone/dealers.
Unfortunately I don't have VCDS but if anyone in Surreydoes and can help scan it for faults and code the needle sweep I'd be very grateful.

Here's the snaps I took today - dirty from the test drive but better pics than the one I posted from the advert!


Those pics are much better, side looks ok. Look on the vcds users map to see if anyone is local to scan it.
I know of a member on here who bought a Car from Audi and it had been very badly damaged. He even had hpi report saying it had never been in a crash, once scanned it had 6 crash sensors and airbags replaced.
Virtually every used car in a main dealer will have had paint. Otherwise how come they have no stone chips on the bumper or bonnet?

That NSR door should have been blended in to the neighbouring panels, take it back and ask them to make a better job or it will haunt you forever. Most bumpers take on a different shade, but an odd panel on the side is just wrong!
Think the doors ok to be honest and its just the light in the pic... Won't know until Monday though so no point worrying about it!
Has it got heated seats as mine displays a number 1 to 6 depending on what setting drivers side heated seat is set to!
Slightly :sign_ot: sorry,

Before i got my car i went to Leeds Audi to have a look at a well specced low mileage Blue A5 coupe 3.0 Tdi Quattro and when i got there it was parked up at the side, with all the side smashed in, all the wheels scraped and chunks missing out of the tyres, stone chips, scratches, so i walked away and the salesman told me "We will Repair it before Sale" I wouldn't have peace at mind knowing it has been like that before i bought it, god knows what it has been driven like before i bought it !
Well we got the car home this evening in the dark so no pics unfortunately... Still no clearer on the '3' but I've noticed that the air con was re-gassed in December 2011 and again in may 2012 (5 months later). Sounds like its had an issue so whether this relates or not is anyone's guess. Maybe it is the fan speed but I've not noticed it happen again. Certainly a bit of a mystery!

checked the warranty out in detail though and if there are any problems with the air con it will get sorted under our policy so its not a major concern.

Car drives and goes very well, feels tight and is so much quieter inside than our B7 ever was. Chuffed to bits with it! Will be up early to give it a clean and grab some pics so watch this space for an update! :)
Either heated seat level or fan speed indicator.