AUDI UK gives CLARKSON a NEW AUDI with brake squeal to evaluate


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Sep 21, 2007
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You couldn't plan it any better than Audi UK could you? I know it's not an RS3 but to give Jeremy a new RS4 to test complete with brake squeal is on the edge of utter stupidity!

Imagine the scene, a load of desk bound pen pushers thinking of the next sales gimmick; I know says one, lets give Jeremy Clarkson a new Audi RS4 with brake squeal, he's bound to write "it's the NEW Audi feature for ALL RS cars", just like the RS3 and TTRS, and at no extra cost: aren't the Audi engineers just wonderful! How many new RS cars will this sell I wonder?

It's just stupid, stupid, ****** stupid, AUDI! I'll bet the desk bound names (Hitchen and Sander included) are all on holidaying now and really couldn't give a rat's *** (an engineering term again, sorry!).

I read this Sunday Times article this morning and was gob smacked/amazed. And I really do like Jeremy Clarkson's humour. But I've read it again this evening, now with wine, and am truly angered by the sheer stupidity of Audi UK to provide Mr. Clarkson with a new Audi motorcar with a known fault!

Maybe Hitchen and Sander don't know about this new brake-squeal feature? Or care, even?
some say hes the only person in the world not to get brake squeal from his new free audi rs model...

we say BOL*****!
why would anyone give him an audi to test anyhow, it will be the same old

But it was Audi UK that gave Clarkson the car - with brake squeal as a non-option extra.

Now Martin Sander is the Director of Audi UK and has ultimately responsible for giving Clarkson the RS4, and Darren Hitchen is the Customer Relations Manager who no doubt had a hand in it too; and both of these guys know that the RS3 has brake squeal problems with its AUDI/BREMBO brakes and have done nothing to resolve the problem.

Why would you employ Sander/Hitchen with such thoughtfulness/intelligence?

When the sales for RS4s do not yield the unit numbers expected then Sander and Hitchen should be tasked with providing the board of VW/Audi with answers.

Doesn't help us RS3 guys, however, so thanks very much to Sander and Hitchen.
P45's in the post to Messers Sander & Hitchen over this monumental balls up I think. Do they think Aston Martin would loan a DB5 which sounds like a bag of spanners to the next James Bond Movie..... Duh.... I think Not!