Agu coil pack loom replacement


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Dec 11, 2011
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Does anybody know where I can I can get the replacement coil pack loom like the ones awesome gti list but to fit the agu engines bolt down coils I don't need one yet but would like to know where to get one from for the near future thanks lee
I had a look into this a little while back and couldn't find a repair loom to suit the AGU :(

Sorry about that buddy,
Cheers, AL.
Awesome Ltd.
i called the dealer to see if i can get a loom for my coils, they said they only sell the engline loom complete at something like £700.... maybe make one up?
Looks like when I need one il be making my own then cheers for your help everyone
i think, this is not 100% but you should be able to buy one of them ecs loom kits that westy has bought also long as you do a ignition control module delete....

awesome gti sell these ecs kits.

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