Audi A4 B8 wings?

Steel cos mine are rusty and soon to be replaced under anti corrosion warranty if they pull there finger out!
yes steel , i had mine replaced under warranty as the paint started to flake off on the lip , just above the mudflaps , guy said common enough problem, the lip now has a bead of body seal along it .
The wings on my mk1 and mk2 golfs have better body protection on them!
Mine is in now getting done, they're putting mudflaps on aswell foc. Does it look ok with the sealant on the lip now?
mine had mudflaps on already , problem is they are too short !
the bead looks fine as it is on the underside of the lip .
Ive just bought a 58 plate Ibis white A4, the bodywork is lovely apart from this, I think the previous owner put the mudflaps on to hide the problem. the paint has come off quite a bit and all around the lip, the car has only done 43k too!

I went to Audi last week, they taken some pics of the arches and of the mileage and said they will send to Audi HQ and im awaiting their reply. Hopefully they will replace the wings or repair them, I hope it is as straight forward as this as not looking to get into a war with them over it, but they shouldnt be like this on a 4 year old car with that mileage.

So IVOR did audi replace yours?

Mine is an 09 plate with 70k on the clock and my wings are being changed without Audi trying to put up a fight so I would have thought yours would too. Mind you saying that my first appointment got cancelled because someone from Audi wanted to inspect my car along with another 3 cars but I was assured it would make no difference and the work would still go ahead. It was inspected on Thursday by the Audi guy but my car is still sitting there as they are now waiting on confirmation to go ahead with the work. I don't really mind that much as we've been given an A6 S Line with all the toys to run around in. My mate's car has already had new wings, his is a 10 plate so still under warranty.
So Audi are replacing the wings for surface rust? Or have they rotted through?
hi guys sorry havent been on for a while , my car had just turned 45 ooo miles and comng up to three years old , and had original paint from factory .
i called audi ,their approved body shop contacted me , the guy who deals with the audi work took pics then said he would arrange everything with the dealership and that new wings would be fitted and a protective bead applied to act as stone chip barrier.
The wings had two pieces of paint flaking off no larger than my little finger nail,as if it hadnt really bonded well originally to the metal.
There was only slight surface corrosion on one area and i was surprised they were replacing the whole wings .
I had an a3 sport for a week , then the fix was delayed as one of the replaced wings was damaged prior to fitting , so for the inconvenience they gave me a full tank of diesel, not bad i thought , but i had to go back into the showroom as they hadnt screwed the flaps on properly to the arch liners .
On the original wings the paint had looked very thin and now with hindsight im not surprised it had flaked - audi penny pinching? me thinks.
A little update, a guy came out the other day sent from Audi, inspected the car, checked the whole cars 'paint depth'. Think this was to see if the car was original and not been painted again or repaired, he said it wasnt 'uncommon' for the wings to rust this quickly, just awaiting a reply from Audi now.
mines the same 2008 s line, wings rust near arch. pictures coming later.