dsg gearbox replacement


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Oct 16, 2010
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West London
hi all i currently have a dsg a3 3.2 which had a jerky take off then yesterday the gearbox started making metal on metal grinding noises so i bought it to my local garage an he told me i need a new gearbox i have looked on ebay and found this VW GOLF R32 3.2 Fully Re-Conditioned Automatic Gearbox 2001-2010 | eBay

will this work in my car or if not can someone steer me in the right direction thanks
best bet would to be to ring them and ask them?
Yes, they ask for your car's details so that they can sell you the right box.
Just try and get yours recond... Mine you I do not know anywhere that offers that service.
You need to match gearbox & engine codes, not all are compatible with eachother, so be very careful.
thanks every one am going to give them a call tomorrow
Also worth giving AMDTuning a call(if you're in the London area) as they have a supplier who rebuilds gearboxes,and may be able to help you.