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Oct 18, 2012
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Stanley, County Durham
Hi all,
did a search, but can only find info on this for B7. I'm wondering if its possible for the foglights to come on when I unlock car and remove key from ignition for say 60 seconds?
I have an 03 cab.
i'm not bothered that it will activate during daylight (not a problem!). Can it be done cheaply/easily as I used to have this on my B8, and didn't realise how useful it was until I no longer had it!

Thanks for any info
From memory, I think you need the windscreen with built in sensor for autolights/wipers for this to work.
I aren't bothered about auto lights, or whether it comes on only in the dark. All I want is every time I unlock the car, my foglights come on for 60 seconds. Similarly, everytime I stop the car and take my key out of the ignition, the fog lights come on for 60 seconds.
I wouldn't have thought a light sensor was needed for this as it isn't dependent on light?
There is a bit of mention about this on the B7 forum, and I took the implication that it was easier on a B6 than a B7 to do this?
Any ideas?
You need a specific Central electrics module to be able code it in/switch it on.

I was wanting mine to do the same but ive not got the rite unit.