EGR delete/Remap Is it worth it?


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Feb 27, 2012
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As above is it really worth carrying out this mod? I have had to spend £000's on this car already, and would want to keep it a few more years before I replace it, just to try to get some of the money back I spent on it.

Question is at the moment the car IMOH is very slow to accelerate this 1st gear really P me off and when you do get to second and put your foot down the car hesitates and then the turbo kicks in and throws you to the back of the car. Whilst it doesn't feel lumpy on idle it is definitely not smooth that, along with the hex issue for which I had to have various parts replaced and may not last.

I am wondering if the money spent will actually improve things or be just dead money in respect of future repair/replacement bills

What would people who have/had not had this mod done recommend, my intention is to keep hold of this car but at the same time try to avoid any nasty surprises
Agreed, get it done but use someone who knows what they are doing, if in doubt ask on here whos the guy in your area
Hi guys, I'm new to the forum and audi, can someone educate me on what the EGR delete is please or point me in the direction of a thread if there already is one?
At the top of the forum there's a search bar bust type in there Egr delete. There's loads of threads buddy and well worth getting it mapped out. I have and the car is loads loads better. I would find the link for you but I'm on my phone and cba lol
Cheers, will do....

was gonna try and clean it this morning until I noticed that its different on the CAB than it is shown in the "how to" on the forum
Yours a diesel - show a pic of your bay so we can see it
Yeah, 2.0 TDi, think its the BPW engine, will put some up tomorrow.. Thanks for the help
Anyone able to tell me where the blanking plates go on the egr in the BPW engine???
EGR valve allows warm air to be recirculated into the engine, which means it warms up quicker and reduces emissions marginally. Maybe part of some EU regulation regarding emissions? If you have it mapped out this programs the ECU to keep it closed, meaning no warm air is recirculated and all the air going into the engine is fresh from outside. This means it is (for the sake of arguement) cold. Cold air is denser than hot air meaning the fuel/air ratio is maintained by the ECu and more fuel is injected into the engine.

Different people have varying experiences with how much difference it makes

<edit> Also EGR valves can get clogged, stuck, broken etc, so effectively 'deactivating' them means that they won't throw a fault code on the dash - which would be an MOT failure.

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