Audi corrosion warranty? The dreaded brown stuff!


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Nov 4, 2012
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Guys, I have recently bought an 8P '54 3.2. I have noticed some bubbles which will eventually break through.

A patch at the top of each front arch and the leading front edge of the sills.

Has anyone had dealings with Audi regarding this? Is it within their corrosion warranty?
good luck with audi
fallen out with audi once or twice over these kick up enough of a stink and they give it "goodwill" though most audi paintshops are **** so id just go and get it fixed at a local
They will check it's never been repaired. So if non Gen wing, been painted or filled, then no.

They will use a gauge which will measure the paint thickness.

And as said, stone chips etc no, anything which has impaired the finish.
Got ine done 2 months ago,Teesside Audi done the claim and then sent it up to there body shop in Newcastle cant fault the work finish is spot on and they put a new wing on took about 8 weeks for the claim to go through.