Rear Washer leak


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Oct 7, 2012
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I have a 55 plate avant and when I use the rear windscreen washer I get water pouring out of the tailgate. The pipe had come apart under the near side front wheel arch but when I fixed that I noticed the water in the boot, how do I remove the tailgate liner to get at the pipe
cheers guys for any help
There are 4 screws on the tail gate trim, 1 in each of the handles and 2 behind the warning triangle. Then you have got to pull the cover down which is held on by clips that can be a pain in the ***!

Are you sure that the leak is coming from the tailgate and not from inside the rubber by the hinge that the pipe runs through.
no sure the water in coming out from the trim just below the window but it could be running from above, how do i get the trim off from round the hinge, it looks like plastic not rubber
there is plastic that you've got to take off to get to the rubber gaitor which you just pull off if i remember correctly.

Mine was leaking there about a month ago and i found it by opening the tailgate, holding it so it was in line with the roof (half open) and getting someone to work the washer while i watched and noticed it leaking from the plastic trim around the window
the trouble is all the fastners are hidden, i want to strip the trim off the tail gate to fit a rear view camera at some time so would like to know how the trim comes off
As i said earlier 4 screws and then pull the trim off, if you are going to put a rear view camera on you may need to pull the top trim off which is just clipped in.

Good luck finding the water leak and fitting the camera, let us know how you get on!:icon_thumright:
You'll be surprised by how much pressure you'll need to pull it off. I found it a right bast@@d to put back on the. Clips inside we're a pain to line up.
all done now, pipe had split in two inside the ruber sleeve at the hinge, went down to my local pet shop and got an aquarium air pipe joining part and glued it in line, bit of a ****** getting it all back together but all working now, while i was in there i ran a feed for the reversing camera through the door and left it coiled above the headlining ready to run down to the reverse light, that'll be another day
Yeah that was where mine had gone and may others i believe. The plastic pipe that they use is s**t, too rigged for the hinge so i did what you did and put a "proper" bit of flexible pipe in.

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