Jetseal109 or collinite


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May 15, 2004
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Which would you choose and why.

Told her in doors was wanting a da polisher so will be getting used by da and also by hand.
I've tried some collinite stuff. It's not bad.
Not tried jet seal.

Now I use Zaino range.
Both are synthetic products (ie. man made) and offer excellent durability with a few coats of each product your looking at between 8-12 months durability.

They offer a more glassy look rather than wet that you can achieve from a wax/ organic based product.

Jetseal 109 is very easy to apply and buff off - apply a coat to the whole car, leave for 20 minutes and buff off and then repeat. It can be applied either via hand or using a glaze/finishing pad via DA.

Collinite can be a little more picky (that's any of their range) and you need to apply to only a couple of panels at a time as it will cure within 10 minutes. If you leave it too long its a PITA to remove and you'll get arms like popeye! Only the 845 can be applied via machine all the other need to be done by hand with a foam applicator.

Hope that helps :)

I've tried lots of different waxes and synthetic sealants on my car over the past few years and so jetseal has provided the best finish for me so far. Wipe the car down with hybrid v7 after applying the jetseal and after washing to improve its durability!