VCDS Fault codes inside' Solving it

Paul @ Unit 9 Remaps

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Aug 10, 2009
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Searched and not found an exact reason. VCDS Codes below.

Replaced the Wheel speed sensor cleaned the ring and inspected and changed key fob battery. but no change and now have these codes. its ******* me off, I have ABS light' Traction light and engine management. its intermitten abs and traction only comes on when stationary or second time turning the cart back on also have no speedo which is also intermitten (not all the time)

Address 03: ABS Brakes Labels: 8E0-614-517.lbl
Part No: 8E0 614 517 A
Component: ABS/ESP allrad 1726
Coding: 04495
Shop #: WSC 06435
VCID: 264881E4C20EBB287B9

1 Fault Found:
00283 - ABS Wheel Speed Sensor; Front Left (G47)
30-00 - Open or Short to Plus

Address 09: Cent. Elect. Labels: 8E0-907-279-8E2.lbl
Part No: 8E0 907 279 C
Component: int. Lastmodul RDW 0203
Coding: 00001
Shop #: WSC 63351
VCID: 32606DB4FEC6D788E71

1 Fault Found:
01312 - Powertrain Data Bus
79-00 - Please Check Fault Codes

So i have done.

Replaced with new sensor and cleaned and inspected everything and no joy. and the speedo not working 50% of the time puzzles me too