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Jun 19, 2003
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Hythe, Kent
Please correct me if I'm wrong, but from what I understand the TB 'learns' your stlye of driving and adapts to suit?

I've read many posts about resetting the TB and then thrashing the car and it feeling much quicker than before.

Now my question.

For work, I drive anywhere between 50 and 100 miles a day. Now I do like my driving, but I'm not going to loose my licence for work, so I tend to be be very low reving, fuel efficient and generally on use 30/40 mph zones and sometimes the odd 60 mph zone.

So, I assume that my TB has adopted a 'gentle driver' memeory. Does this mean that when I put my foot down I'm not receiving all of the power as it thinks I don't want to go fast?

Any replys welcomed.

some cars have what are called Neural nets, which "learn" a driving style. However if you were to quickly push the accelerator pedal down, the ECU will recognise that the pedal position has changed quickly and it should react by giving a mixture for maximum responsiveness. If you have an automatic geabox, it should also react by changing down to allow better acceleration. The ECU will constantly monitor what is happening and will recognise a potentially dangerous situation by the fact that the pedal movement was much quicker than normal. Once you resume your gentle driving style the car should revert back to economy mode.
Not sure if this works on A4's, but it works on S3's and TT's. To reset the throttle to factory settings, put key into ignition and rotate to ignition, but don't start the car. Now press the throttle all the way down for 5secs, and then release... now start the car as normal and throttle will be reset.
Cheers Jojo, good info.

Do you need to leave a gap between lifting off the throttle and starting the car?

I know you can reset it with VAG or by disconnecting the battery, but I don't have VAG and I have not got round to disconnecting the battery - hope the stereo code works!

No delay required, though I'm sure a couple of seconds isn't going to hurt though /ubbthreads/images/graemlins/wink.gif . It just allows the ECU to measure minimum and maximum throttle position, then recalibrate it to the throttle body to factory settings

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