filthy rocker cover!


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Aug 3, 2011
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SoUf EaSt,Uk
Forgot to take pictures but I took of the rocker was filthy with baked on oil all on the its got me thinking what about the rest of the engine.what can I do to clean the rest of the engine or is this the norm?
Do you mean internally or externally Marty?

Regular oil changes will ensure the insides remain clean and decent, i dropped my sump after 200k and it was shiney and clean inside and the pick up was 100% clear too.

If it's the outside you want to clean, My rocker cover came up ace in the dish washer!

Sorry nick I meant the was just caked on.looked like what you would expect the sump to be like if it oil hasn't be changed frequently.I got the car at 63k and have always taking oil changes seriously.just got me a bit worried thinking of what the rest of the engine is like.
Mine was like that inside too mate, but my sump was still ultra clean. I guess the rocker cover burns on badly, as it's contantly exposed to oil vapour and heat, but not submersed in oil so it'd burn on easier.

I could be wrong though.

For interest, the inside of it also came up perfectly after the dish washer!
What colour is your rocker cover Nick? Don't say it a RAL colour?
What colour is your rocker cover Nick? Don't say it a RAL colour?

Not a RAL colour I'm afraid matey.

It's currently painted in focus ST orange, ultra pikey bright!

Looking to get a spare powdercoated properly though as I hate the sprayed finish

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