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May 9, 2012
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I've had a Pioneer HU installed that's supposedly CANBUS enabled, but there's no radio\track info showing in the DIS! Apparently the HU is also capable of showing Climate & Parking sensor info on screen for VW & Ford, so I can't see why it wouldn't also work for Audi.

Will coding via VCDS enable DIS info or am I doomed to look at a blank upper display 90% of the time?


P.S: It's This One BTW.
I think the HU will have worked from the begining if it was going to. There is nothing that needs coding on the car to accept it IIRC.

I bet the can bus compat is more to do with it turning on and off via can bus without additional wiring / add on modules
I don't think it will work at all, climate and parking can information is comfort can BUS, but the radio stations etc are infotainment BUS.

Chances of it working? zilch
an image of the rear panel of the HU:

Avic Rear

Will the highlighted socket not be of use for this ...he says clutching at straws. :(
IP-Bus can use an ipod adapter aswell if the head unit supports the adapter, which I suspect it will.

But 1st, have you got the main connector wiring list to see if this has any bus wires at all to utilise, have you spoken to pioneer to speak about the climate etc features & are there any setup menu's within the unit for these systems to work.

I'm little skeptical it will work but hey I'm all for new things :)

Ironically I was in discussions with RT about the protocols used on mk5/6's for head units & the dis, so if it works on vw's it may not work on audi's tbh mate.
Hi Nigel,

I went online and had a look at Pioneer's manuals for the unit & it's showing the fly lead that's on the back of my unit, but not in my CD borne manual, so it must be a late addition! I've highlighted it in RED again!

Avic Rear 2

The Online manual is Here, page 8 is where I've captured the image from. The plug is a little white male (I think) 2 or 3 pin affair. Haven't spoken to Pioneer as yet, I thought I'd give real experts a go first. lol

I'm glad your the type that likes a challenge, as my list of woes is growing! earlier today I had a reversing camera fitted & that's giving me issues too, But I'm not sure if the car battery needs a charge so I'll try that tomorrow - If that doesn't cure it, I may need you to fly in sooner than expected & deliver that VCDS cable personally. :laugh:
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Well you need a seperate adapter it clearly shows anyway to interface with cars bus, but which bus is it needing, kinda vague, hence why I said ring pioneer technical mate, it wont be a coding thing on the car imho, it will be a pioneer thing.
Okay mate, will do probably tomorrow! I'll post the result of said phone call when I know anything.
Contacted Pioneer Tech support this afternoon, but spoke to a young fella that couldn't grasp what a Info Display is! He claimed they don't do any leads for A3's, but I know they do because they supplied the Steering Wheel Remote patch lead with the HU I got directly from them.

I'll try again tomorrow, hopefully I'll get through to someone that has a clue.

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