Replacing side brake bulb


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Feb 7, 2011
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I presume that this is very straightforward, but can anyone let me know of any difficulties I might get into?

Are there any torx screws? Do I have to disconnect the battery before replacing the bulb etc

Thanks :)
Very easy job matey.

Just unscrew the nut at the back of the light from the inside of the boot (there should be a tool where your spare wheel is for this job I think), and pull the light out. It will also be secured in at the left hand side aswell but these just pop out so don't be worried if it seems like its stuck in. When the light is out, its pretty self explanitory, just pop the grey bit off the cluster itself and you can then replace the light.

Just reverse process for putting it back on again.

You won't have to disconnect the battery or anything to replace it.
Just be careful not to lose the nut down inside the body. You (most likely) won't be able to get it out and it will rattle forever !!
Thanks guys.

And thanks Mike for the heads up about the nut... I'll bare this in mind :)