170 tdi helllp running very poor


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Can anyone help me ive got a audi a3 170tdi i bought the car not running wich ended up bieng the cam sensor wich i relpaced and got it running but noyt running well i seem to have no boost till atound 3 thousend revs to wich i changed turbo for bigger hybrid and car is alrwady mapped to around 210 bhp after fitting turbo there was near no diffrnece if owt it was worse the car is hard to start from cold and once started there will be absolutely no power untill it alightly warms up i have checked for leaks to sich i couldnt seen to find any although there is a hissing noise even after the bew turbo lol any advice would be nice thanks


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Hissing noise will be a boost leak of some kind, check all hoses etc.

A hybrid turbo will make lag worse not better so you can't do anything about that.

Has the car been mapped since the hybrid was fitted so account for the performance characteristic of the new hybrid turbo?