170 TDI cambelt prices?


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Gotta have my cambelt changed shortly

My normal dealer (supplying dealer) is quoting me £574 all in (cambelt, aux belt, water pump) which seems a bit steep to me.

Got quote from vw dealer next door £440.

What would be a good acceptable price?


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Yes they did offer 429 for cambelt, but as per my original post, water pump and other drive belt on top takes it to 574.

vw said they do it all for 440.

question is all servicing, warranty work, etc done by same dealer since new - if i suddenly use vw for this job now does that look bad on my service history (ie could it put someone off when come to sell) or because its vw (same engine as a golf) makes absolutely no difference??

also looked at audi 'procedure' last night on EKTA - jeez that seems like a monster job - disconnecting exhausts, removing engine mounts and 'hanging' engine off front wings with a special cradle!!!! slightly worrying!


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Nobody is going to be too fussed if you take it to VW instead of Audi - it's the same engine, same cam belt, done at the same company (essentially).

If you took it to a Ford garage, people might notice.


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An extra £150 for a £30 part? sounds good value, I'm probably not alone in thinking that a dealer stamp is not a sign of quality work anymore

ever since my dealer put the wrong oil in my car last year I have lost faith


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Had my cam belt done last week at my local Audi dealer for £390 with water pump... Haggle :yum:

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WTF £574 Do you really think that's value for money? last year audi offered cambelts for £275 now £429.
Parts approx £100 £329? labour. The guy doing it would get approx 2-2.5hrs on the ticket to do it.
Whats wrong with independants??
Do you really think you'll get that back come sale time. On my old S3 8L I had everything done at the stealer. After 7 yrs i'd spent 3k+ I got top dollar for it but no more than A1 private.
Keep your options open people!