17 inch Alloy std to aftermarket 18 x 8.5 offsets / spacers ?


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17 inch Alloy sdt to aftermarket 18 x 8.5 off sets ?

Quick check , upgrade to 18 inch , by way of aftermarket
tomason TN1 8518

As far as I can tell these wheels require TAPER shank bolts .. std are radius
the recess in the wheels look to be tapered , where the std are dished

Measuring [ish] the standard ally wheels inner mating flange face to inner rim lip
162 mm

TN1 rim to face 172 mm .........ok ? that puts them 10mm out from standard .. wider as well ..
center could be the same

Bolts standard rim about 7 mm from flange face to end of recess
TN1 very close to 10 mm

At the moment the fit is with 10 mm spaces and std alloy wheels , [jumbo brembo kit]

Q do I keep the 10 mm spacers and fit taper bolts , same length ?

ideas ?

Tnx G