16k enough for an avant black edition?


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Sep 23, 2012
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hi guys I have around £15-16k max to spend and looking for an avant black edition in grey or white 2015 facelift onwards, will be looking for one with the tech pack bigger screen on dash and speedo but anything I can take or leave, only been looking a few day and seen a few online but not looked at any in person.
do you think my budget is enough to find something clean?
ended up buying this a6 2.0 avant black edition with 130k on it, its a really clean car for £12.5k I gave for it and had everything I wanted like tech pack and heated front/rear seats and folding mirrors.
well impressed with it apart from a few little issues like broken clip on retracting luggage cover but I believe theyre only a few pound from Audi, the bluetooth phone has an issue with the mic where I can call and hear the other person but they can't hear me, ive tried resetting the bluetooth connection and restoring factory settings in the mmi, at a loss at the moment and thinking could it be the mic faulty?

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