A5 Convertible leaking roof


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Apr 23, 2012
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Had my a5 for about 5 months now, brought it second hand but it had only done 7k miles or so. Firstly the roof broke, off to dealer and they sorted it, second the ac broke, off to dealer and they sorted it, (under warrantee). Now I have water pouring in over the drivers, passengers and into the center control console.

Came out to it the other day to find the hazards flashing, water in elecs.

Off to dealer again, issue with a rubber, they 'think'. On back order and could take up to 3 weeks, so keep the courtesy car they say.

They have never seen this before and are reporting it to audi. Any one else had an issue?

Thing is, i brought this car, and it wasn't cheap, thinking of audis rock solid reliability. Needless to say, once its fixed im selling it, I cant afford to keep fixing a car like this when the warrantee runs out. Very disappointed in audi rite now.
Just request a longer warranty as goodwill for all the troubles you've had, once its fixed I suspect you'll be ok mate.
Dealer has finally rang, says the seal is fitted but when they came to fit it they found the foot wells full of water, they asked me if it was like this when i brought it in, i said they were wet, she replied they are full now. I then asked where it had been parked? Answer, out side in the rain for 2 and a half weeks!!!

I asked if she thought that was an appropriate place to park a cab with a leaky roof, I thought the whole idea of them keeping it and us having a courtesy car was so that it could be parked inside.

Any way, they are now ripping out the entire interior to dry it out, and then they will test the new suspected seal they fitted.

The dealer itself is not budging on offering any extended warrantee on the part fitted. Cant complain about the car i have now as its a brand new black edition but its not my car.

Your prob rite and it will never have a problem again, but as far as problems go, ive never had as many in such a short time with such a new car.

s for body parts falling off thats just poor build quality, think audi mite be slipping?