Over boost now under boost?


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Apr 27, 2012
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Hi, dads turbo went on his TDI 170 Audi A3 which had a fault that was under boost now the turbo has been replaced he's now getting over boost? Can put your foot down and it won't even get to 2k rpm sometimes it will, Isn't drivable as hasn't got any power whatsoever and when you do rev it, it chucks out lots of black smoke

any ideas guys?
First question are: how have you measured the boost, where the replacement turbo came from and who fitted it?
If done by a garage, they should have calibrated the boost pressures.

Perhaps the actuator arm needs adjusting/ stuck open
Take it straight back to them and tell them the problem. You must have some sort of warranty with them.
Without knowing all the details it sounds to me like they've possibly fitted another dud turbo. Take it back and get them to sort it
how do you calabarate the boost pressures? Its a recon turbo that my dad has fitted ive checked everything and hes fitted it correctly, not sure he has calaberated the boost pressure.

Hes been having problems with it for a while now even after being to a garage and its costing him too much to send it back to another garage but looks like its the only choice.

Also, measured the boost via a Blue Point live data.
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Also, what model did Audi do an injector recall? As my dad was told today his is a different model and isn't under the recall.
Dad said that was done when the turbo was reconditioned. Anyone know the distance for a 170?
As its a 170, is it a vacuum or electrically controlled actuator as such.