Rs5 steering wheel airbag


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Sep 20, 2012
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Hi guys just wondering of anyone has got the code for the airbag of the 2012 rs5 steering wheel. I e got an a1 185 and I'm looking to put the flat bottom rs5 wheel in it but do a straight swap with the airbag as it looks an identical fit. All help is greatly appreciated

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Ok on an A3 8P I had to custom wire the airbag loom, so you may need the same if airbag connections arent the same as yours.

Show me your current wheel & airbag, assume you've taken yours of already to look at, so underside of airbag would be good.
Okay mate here is my steering wheel

I haven't taken mine off because I don't know how to buy I've seen one off the wheel however I didn't think of looking at finding the code! *doh!* I've got the code for the 2012 a1 steering wheel airbag which I assume is the same?!

I forgot to mention mine doesn't have the paddles which is why I want the steering wheel, can they be coded or made useable in any way, I hope so!
Yes can be coded for paddles to work, as long s its stronic & not manual lol.

Looks like same airbag to me, subject to confirmation on fitting, but the 2 share "some" codes.

Do you need it fitting for you?
Lol yes it's a tronic mate. I have the airbag code for the my 2012 a1 if that helps? I think I'll buy it then but yes I will need it fitting mate.How much are they to fit ect ect. Thanks mate
I will reply to your pm with my number, then you can ring me to get fitted :)
Lol, I know this topic is dead and burried, but I'd like to know if eventually the A1 airbag did fit to the RS5 steering wheel?