coming home/leaving home lights

tazzy baby

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Feb 2, 2009
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south wales
Hi does any one know if i could program my a4 to turn my lights on when i unlock the car. ive seen it on new cars and they stay on for about 20 seconds after you lock the car so they light up a dark drive way. My car is a 2002 51 plate a4 2.0 ALT engine cheers
It's possible but you would need an auto dim rear view mirror and a new headlight switch for auto headlights and a new switch that replaces your level switch to set the timing for comming home lights and then vcds to program it all. Basicly you have to fit auto lights for it to work. There is a way to do it without the auto dim mirror but it means the lights would come on in day time aswell as night
Do you know where the best place is to get them from and if you know the part numbers for what i need please