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Apr 1, 2009
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Sunny Glesga!
Okay, where do we start....

Ive been into my cars for years and like all sorts so not in any way brand loyal.

Have owned a few over the years from RS Fords to GTE and SRi Vauxhalls and M series BMW etc, but i never bothered with internet forums or photos before and have none from previous(regretably), but since my last cosworth and now my Audi i started using the internet and got into this, using forums and taking the odd pic.

My mrs bought me a Kodak camera for Crimbo a couple of years back and thats what started me taking the odd pic.

Basically im looking for any info and advice as to taking and producing better pics if possible.

The camera is just a Kodak CD40, i know its not anything great for high end photography, but i just want to get a better look to my pics if its possible. Im not that interested in spending ££££'s on better/new equipment as i wont use it that much TBH, but want more HDR type pics that look better if its possible?

I know very little on the subject so please treat me like im dumb!
Well first of all it'd help to see any of your previous photos if you want advice on how to improve them, if indeed they can be improved.

The camera you have is not going to have much in the way of user input in terms of camera settings, its basically what would be deemed a "point and shoot". I can see it doesn't have an optical zoom, and i'd steer clear of using the digital zoom, you're better off taking the picture wide and cropping it after in software on your computer if thats the only zoom function available to you.

But there are plenty of areas you can work on still to improve your skills, composition is (in my opinion) the most important aspect of taking a photo as if you can't get that right then no high end camera and lens will flatter you, and even a cheap camera or iPhone in the hands of somebody who can compose a shot properly can make a good picture. Have a look at this link:

10 Top Photography Composition Rules | Photography Mad

Do you use software to edit your pictures afterwards? If not then you can get free or cheap software that allows you to tidy up the photos on your computer and is highly recommended for modern digital photography. Have a play with this for free browser based software:

Photo editor online - edit image

If you want to learn more about camera functions and how adjusting shutter speed, aperture, exposure, ISO etc etc effects a picture then you'll need an SLR really, but they don't come that cheap although i'd really recommend going down the second hand route if you wanted to go a step up in your equipment.

Happy shooting, and most importantly get some of your shots up here buddy!

Beanoir - Thanks for the reply mate. I dont have any software for cleaning up my pics, used one years ago called Gimp or something daft but even at that i really dont know what to do with it, is there any tutorials for them or specific parts i need to look into?

As for the camera, with it being a point and shoot type, that does suit me as thats all i do really. I just always wondered how you guys get better looking pics and always thought it was the actual camera that done it, till i read up a bit on HDR using more than one image etc to build the better quality end result.

I'll look into those links you have posted aswell, as for my pics, i'll show how basic i am below! lol







All of the above were taken using different types of camera, mostly phones as i havent used the Kodak lately. Im happy for you if you can play with them in any way to show how to better them if you can. Cheers.