Problem after replacing LUK flywheel and clutch?

Jamie Triner

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Sep 11, 2012
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Hi there, posted my problem online a few days ago, sorted a couple out now but really am stuck now on my motor. We replaced the flywheel, clutch and crank seal. Put it all back together and had a vibration when sitting inside the car and engine sounded so loud. Lights on the dash soon went away so it was all good. So incase we installed the clutch wrong we took the gear box out again and re installed the whole set up again with the correct torque settings. Just tested the car, the vibration has gone. Outside the car, it seems to run fine, sounds how it did before the work was carried out. But inside the car soon as you shut the door the engine is so loud like i have some big sports exhaust on it. So I thought it could be the exhaust but when i drive it its when it gets weird! All gears engage smoothly, the bite point has lowered as its a new clutch and the pedal is nice and smooth. However when I'm driving i get small amounts of quiet driving, how it used to be and when i put my foot on the clutch pedal the engine noise goes deep and loud. Also when I'm at 2k revs its also loud, the car sounds like a tractor than how it used to sound.

Im just lost, the clutch and flywheel cost me good money, i have my mot due and was thinking of having it done at my Audi main dealer and letting them take a look at it. Im not sure if this idea is going to cost me so much more even though I've just spent a lot on my new clutch and flywheel already.

Any help would be great!
Check the air box if these are open they are very loud