Clicking noise when turning right?


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Aug 21, 2012
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Got a problem with the other halfs A3 Tdi 2005. When turning right on a roundabout at say 10- 20mph there is a clicking noise coming from the front of the car somewhere.

Sounds a bit like a peg on a bike spoke noise!

The car has only passed it's mot in the last few weeks so I can't think it can be anything major although my first thought was cv joint??

Anyone had similar issues that can offer help? Thanks.
Seem to just happens on half lock going around roundabout or turning a curve in the road. I'm going to try a few manoeuvres later ie reversing on full lock and left right turns and see what gnat throws up.

I would have it jacked up o the drive investigating now.....but it's chucking it down!
Yeah just check around. I had similar issue with my golf and it was the plastic guard hitting inside of wheel. Raining... its 26 here where i am in germany oooshh :p
Defo think it's a cv joint now, just been for a ride around an empty car park doing various manoeuvres and it's most audible on full lock in reverse. Classic cv joint trouble.....unless anyone knows different.

Luckily the car came with a three month warrenty so will be ringing Evan's halshaw in the morning!

I'm thinking it's your indicators :) Should do it when turning left too :jump:
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i have the same noise from a3, i did think it was a cv joint and got one on order, i still have not fitted it and i have done a good few miles and it dont seem to be getting any worse, i have not looked to see if anything is catching.

i did read that there was a problem with the steering racks clicking when turning, but dont know much about it.

just waiting for it to get worse so i can find it lol
Rang up evans halshaw today. Its booked in for next monday for "investigation".

To be continued!....
O.k so I'm due to drop the A3 off Monday morning but before I do I thought I would have a good look under and around the car myself.

No pieces of catching trim or wheel cliking noise When up in the air either on full lock or straight ahead....

Decided to go for another road test and it seems the noise is transmission related. When you drive in a circle in 2nd gear it's making a clunk/ click noise. However if you dip the clutch it instantly stops? I'm now thinking either gearbox trouble or dual mass flywheel??

Not sure on the dual mass flywheel thought though as there is no extra noise you would expect at idle and depressing the clutch doesn't make any different noise at idle? Also no classic shaking at idle?

I'm stumped.

Hopefully Evan's halshaw will foot the bill whatever!
Evans halshaw have had the car all day. They have Diagnosed a failed outer cv joint, say it will be ready tomorrow but I can't collect until Thursday so will report back on if this has been a success or not.

So far so good, they didn't try and squirm out of the warranty claim and seem reasonably helpful!

Thursday will be the final verdict.
It will be interesting to see if changing the cv will fix the problem as both my s3's have made this noise. Tbh I have kinda got used to it and have never had any issues. Good luck
Result! Got the car back yesterday and it seems evans halshaws diagnosis of a failing cv joint was correct.

They fitted a new joint under warranty and now no more noises!

Good service, good result!