1.9tdi won't start.


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Feb 18, 2012
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Okay, so i replaced the gearbox, and whilest doing this i put a bit of stress on the vac pipes (but hard to tell).

So it's all back together, half a tank of fuel so i know it isn't that. It cranks fine, and now and then on first crank it goes to start but doesn't. pointing me towards fuel,so i had a look at the fuel input pipe wite vac pump and fuel came out, so i checked the clear pipe...which is empty for some reason. When i use the vac pump it sucks fuel through.

I've read that an air leak would cause the fuel just to return? Can anyone shed a few lights of what this could be.

oh the car started first click before we changed this, so i know it's not relays, or pumps etc, please also don't say go to an audi garage, as that seems to be a few folks fixes here.
Pretty sure i have, i'm going to double check all the wires, some sensor wires were stressed too. Would a sensor not wired cause this sorta problem?
And starter is fine, checked the wire, it's turning fine like i said. |

It's as if it's not fueling, spose i'll just have to check all the vac pipes as it's not gonna be a stand out problem.
Still having problems, if a sensor was faulty or unplugged would I get engine management light? Cause I don't.
Still having problems, if a sensor was faulty or unplugged would I get engine management light? Cause I don't.WEE update, checked plugs with a test Lamp, all seems fine. Would one split vac pipe cause all these probs?
Hi Bud,
This might be a daft question but have you checked all the fuses, and can you here the lift pump under the back seat?
Checked the fuses with glow lamp, all fine. I'm getting my oil light come on when i try to crank also, could this be part of my problem?
i can sadly see me buying a cheap diagnostics for this.

The clear pipe for the fuel isn't getting ANY fuel dragged through it, to my understanding it's self bleeding and sucks the fuel itself. Is there any reason i'm getting no fuel to there? If i suck on it with a vac tester i get fuel all the way. i checked the fuel lines no leaks, and all the pipes seem to fine. i replaced most of the vac pipes today, and i'm getting no engine management lights.

going crazy haha
The oil light don't sound good, but yeh i would be buying your self the diagnostic or find somewhere near that wouldn't mind popping round to you.

The last thing you need to be doing is chasing round everything and chucking money, trust me i know

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