Problem after replacing clutch and flywheel

Jamie Triner

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Sep 11, 2012
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Hi there, I wanted to see if you guys could shine a light on whats going on with my car. Ive got a Audi a4 avant 1.9tdi 130 2002 at home. After a year or so with a slipping clutch i ordered a new luk flywheel and clutch. After taking the gearbox out to change the clutch my suspicions was correct. I had an oil leak and my clutch was soaked in oil as well as the flywheel. Having replaced all the parts as well as the rear crank seal and the release bearing I've put it back together again. The only fault i could find on putting everything back together was that there is a sensor that was on the side of the gearbox, it was broken on one side and will need replacing. On starting the car, problem time...

Fault in brake system light is flashing on the dash. - Im guessing because we topped the car up with fluid this light will disappear once the car has been driven a little to settle it all down?

I have a ESP light come on - no idea why? I don't even remember touching the switch inside the cab to turn it off?

Biggest problem is that engine seems louder and vibrating more inside the car. You can feel the whole car shaking and when inside the car its loud and so different from how it used to be. On hearing this i have not attempted to drive the car but have reversed it a few yards and does slip into gear fine. Ive checked if anything is touching the body and cannot see anything at all, or is the new release bearing i installed faulty? I cannot think of anything else it could be?

Oh and I've disconnected the battery while doing the car.

Any help guys would be fantastic as Im pretty beaten down by the thought of taking the gearbox out the car again...
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you had the battery off?
esp will go off once driven a mile or two never known the brake light on the dash though from battery off