HELP!! my audi A4 1.9 TDI awx 130 timing belt has ripped teath off and won't fire :(

Chrissy a4

audi a4 chrissy
Oct 27, 2011
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County Durham
Would apprietaite your help if you can very much! I am thinking of replacein in the top end only do you think it will be worth while? i have been told these engines arent likely for the bottom end to bhave gone with it!
was the belt intact still, apart from ripping teeth off it. Has if deffo done the head in, it wont fire probably because its well out of timing.
Don't crank it anymore, you will bend the rest of the valves you have not bent already ! Take the rocker cover off and see how many lifters are broken- you will require to take the camshaft off first ! If no visible damage then get a new belt and time it acordingly then spin the engine by hand and make sure the marks align and you KNOW what you're doing !
Thanks guys! yess the belt was still in tact just a few teeth missing i am going to have it looked at to see what the damage is! any recommendation's for tunining while its apart?

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