Newbie with Avant - a few questions


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Aug 29, 2012
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Hi, been looking for a while with a new ( first ) baby due in november needed an upgrade
And wanted to treat myself to some toys so was looking for one with Cruise and Rear parking .....

But ended up with a very good spec - tdi 130 Sport (6)

Questions first then some pics :)

First - anyone recommend what to clean the roof bars and crome window surrounds with ?

Second - Does anyone have a list of how much the options cost when new

As far as I can tell it has
Leather interior
Heated seats and mirrors
Rear Cup holders
ISO Fix Bars
Electric Windows front & Rear
Electric Sunroof


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Pictures in my profile album, not perfect they where phone pics on a very sunny day
Congratulations on the purchase. I have always had good results on the roofbars with AutoGlym Super Resin Polish, but if you have a search you'll see people use various different products.

Parkers used to listen option prices, but I'm not sure they still do. The following will decode the codes in the service book too and is quite interesting:

VW Group Option Codes Decoder
very nice. Can i ask what you paid? I want one more now hehe.
Hi, nice purchase. Avant's are the way forward.
The roof bars are lacquered so it is difficult to get them to shine up but I just use whatever polish I'm using on the car, which at the moment is Meguires perfect shine.
great I have some lime prime
Too hot and sunny to do it at the mo but will be in for a full wash, clay and wax very soon
Wheels are a bit patchy but the tires have around 6,000 at best left in them so maybe a change when there due ....
Nothing mad this is a family car, will have a daughter in November :)

Simple terms I paid £4800 but there was a complecated trade in deal with some discounts either way, tires would be needed in 6 months ish, and tax is due in november its on 116,000 massive history and never had an mot advisory.
Body is pritty good, one knock on the drivers rear arch and the rear bumpers rather bumpy :S.
The only option it hasnt got which i wanted was parking which i might retrofit and cure the rear bumper in the process
Good price. nice spec too, i'd be happy to find one just like that.
Seems nice.Heated leather is the best.What reg?