MAF on a3 AGU


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Jun 21, 2012
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Redhill Surrey
So today I took my car to a local Audi/vw guy to get him to plug my car into vagcom, just to see if there was any codes thrown up and to get my airbag light turned off, anyways he found that the MAF was throwing up intermittent so he coded it out and all is well again, my car now idles better as before it seemed to idle with all I can describe as a blip on idle. Now it's smooth on idle.

Should I be thinking about a replacement MAF soon?
Yeah sorry, it was reset and he made sure it was off,just not sure if it's on it's way out or from where I had it disconnected with the radio on the other week
You need to log airflow really to see if the maf is on its way out etc...