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Aug 19, 2010
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Anyone know if audi have changed the temp sensor on the tqs ordered one and its dark green prt no is 059 919 501 where as mine is blue iirc do i need the blue one ?? Only asking as the outlet on the cyclinder head is leaking coolant slightly so thought id get a new sensor whilst im at it also would you recommend fitting a non-gen oil cooler or is it best to fit a genuine ???

Cheers in advance.
Just had a look and its definately got a blue one, going to jump on etka now as i need to get some more part numbers anyway as tge parts guy at work is hopeless lol
Had a look and it says blue 4 pin part number - 078 919 501 B Click on it and it says dropped on 01/08/2002 use the part number 059 919 501 which i have, anyone else switched to the green sensor or have you had the blue one ??
If my needle is jumping while warming up. Is this the sensor I need to order?
IIRC the plug is different isn't it

I have a brand new green one sitting here that I bought in error!
Not a genuine one. Mine was about £29 inc clip and I ring at the dealers a few months back iirc.
Stick to a genuine sensor !! And you will get a green instead of blue sensor dont worry it supersedes to the green one and is the correct one used on our cars !!Also id say its most probably your stat thats ****** and not the sensor both are around £20 each so do the stat first as they say do it right first time round and only use genuine parts !!
Well I did wonder stat, changed that 18 months ago, but the needle plummets holds shots up. Holds drops back to zero then returns to where it was then makes it to 90'c. Where is the sensor and stat located? I'll change both for piece of mind.
Sensor is on back of the head on the outlet tank, stat is behind the power steering pump follow the bottom rad hose and you'll find it !!
The new ones are all green.

If you have a digital clock, you'll have a D Shaped plug and the PN ends in an A.
If you have analog clock, you'll have a square plug and the PN doesnt have the A.

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