Urgent help needed, windows stuck down!


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Jun 10, 2003
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Finally secured my leather interior for my A4 01 Avant, (half black leather & suede) picked it up last night, fitted it today. Fitting the door cards was the worst job as they leather ones had the wiring chopped on them, so had to swap over all the electrics from the old doors.
However just like the passenger door card I took off last week which when refitted wouldn't operate the window, now the drivers door is completely dead. I've checked all the connections and all the fuses. I disconnected the battery for 10 minutes and now the windows won't even go up on the key fob!
It's all the electrics on the door, so windows, mirrors, internal central locking and even the light on the door edge - nothing. The rear windows still operate as I haven't disconnected the main plug on them yet.
How the hell could just unplugging the loom and reconnecting it disable everything on it?
Only on an Audi I guess.
Come on people, someone must've disconnected a door card before?
Did you have this problem?
I've got to leave my car with the windows down overnight
OK me being stupid (again).
The big multiplug that connects everything up has a cam lock thing on it which locks it into place and releases it. If you leave this flapping about when refitting the plug and then use it to lock the plug down, it pulls the plug into the socket and locks it in place, everything is firm & looks OK, however the plug doesn't actually make any electrical contact.
You have to click the locking cam right over in the open position before refitting, then when you close the cam it pulls the plug another 3mm into the socket when you lock it down.
Schoolboy error, I know, but if it was designed correctly in the first place it wouldn't let you lock it down if it wasn't in far enough.
All sorted now and everything works again.

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