New wheels on - first pic


Grumpy Old Man
May 26, 2003
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Not a great pic, due to the rain, plus parked cars meant I was limited for space and angles.


I know people will say I should lower it, but that's not gonna happen. I love it exactly as it is. In fact, I think it looks the nuts.
Its what you think is the main thing. Looks good. Why are you against lowering it?
It doesn't help the height that it's half on the pavement.
Lowering doesn't necessarily mean a harder ride if you get the right springs. Mines better now it's been lowered.
My mates got a similar wheel/suspension setup and it just doesn't look right being that high.
Just my opinion.
Thanks everyone for their opinions on the suspension, but I'm leaving it as it is. That's how I like it, okay?
Looks good! I appreciate what you're saying about not lowering but it would look better IMO. Even s Line shocks and springs would make the difference.

On the other hand sticking with OEM wheels deffinately helps if you are staying as is!
I've just driven to work in it, the first journey of any note since I put the new wheels & tyres on it. Strange how just a change of tyres can transform a car. The old Contis were well worn on the shoulders, and the car was really starting to wash out in bends. Plus, the Contis were noisy and harsh. With the new Falkens on, the front end grip has sharpened up considerably, and the car is smoother and quieter. All in all, I'm really happy with the way it is.
Looks cracking mate, was looking at the same wheels myself