Olympic end ceremony

I'm so glad I don't pay for a TV license, it sounds ****!!
Scott your missing always look on the bright side of life with EricIdle and nuns skating and Romans dancing!
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"Life is a piece of sh1t when you look at it."

Only the Brits could get away with singing that at an Olympic ceremony.

God bless you Eric Idle.
ok so now i've turned back over. and behold, the only truly amazing act yet!!! he does need to get rid of that hair tho.

edit: aaaannnnnnd jessie j comes in with her camel toe and ruins it all
OK Now I am getting in the mood for it, what other country in the World can have We Will Rock You at their closing ceremony?


Coz it is British!

The Greek national anthem.

It is a tradition to have the national anthem of any countries that will have folded before the next games.
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And now we hand the flag over to Brazil, along with anything else we no longer require.

Oh, there goes Jessie J.
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Well i have no need to watch it now anyway :) We started last night and fell asleep about 20 minutes in.

Karl, it's nice to know you actually complain as much in real life as you do on here! :noway:
So random and out of place. Most of it didnt make sense. Funny how some people said we can come close to Beijing.