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Nov 11, 2009
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west yorks
My K04 Hybrid has just blown its second gasket on the manni to turbo bit, while getting the studs out ok, one of the threaded inserts as come out with it, and fell down the back of the engine somewhere, tried for 4 hours searching for it with magnetic screwdrivers and around 50 pics on my phone of every inch of it ,,,and it has just vanished.......soooooooo. where can i get a replacement from? im used to nutserts in my line of work but it is double threaded, and thats where my dealings with this sort of thing are finished...
It is like an helicoil but with a rim on it, or what about this?
1 x WURTH M10 x 1.5 TIME-SERT INSERT 20mm length - 1 x Insert | eBay

Does anybody know if that is the correct size? or have an old one of a knackered turbo?

(And before anybody says did it drop in the turbo..no it def fell down the back of the engine at the back of the turbo)
Dave I need 5 of them so let me know if you find a supplier:) but you're in luck as one of the housings I have has 1 in it, if I get a chance I'll rove it tomorrow and chuck it in the post.

I personally don't think you'll find replacements, I'm planning of Tig welding studs in there as I'll don't think I'll get any.
Oh cheers Dan that would be great, i can send you down some m10 nutserts to weld in if you want? I just want to try get it in in situ so welding is not an option... do you know if that is the correct size?

Haha Pawn it would be boring if drama never happened as im sure you will know....;)
No problem, if you send say 3 down, if it's not a hassle I'll give them a go. I don't know what size they are unfortunately . I had considered just welding up the hole and getting them drilled and tapped but think just welding the stud in place may be the easier option , wouldn't mind trying the but inserts though.
Hi did anyone find were to buy these inserts from bought a ko4-23 turbo set up and one is missing any info would be helpfull Thanks
its a nightmare in it i only need 1 are they stranded on all ko4s then?
K04 hardware1
as above i found a link that someone used to makes theses kits on one of the forums years ago is anyone making these anymore?
They are a nightmare to find, a guy was supposed to be making me some, but keeps making excuses so it looks like the end of that, somebody said backdraft motorsport might sell them?....
i only need one to finish off my ko4 set up on my agu engine that all i found is that pic and the guy was seling them but that was years ago lol.could plz let me know if you get and luck,how come audi dont sell them
i only need one to finish off my ko4 set up on my agu engine that all i found is that pic and the guy was seling them but that was years ago lol.could plz let me know if you get and luck,how come audi dont sell them

Audi dont sell them because it's not an audi part. KKK or someone supply the turbos. It's the same if you wanted 1 screw for the Bose amp, they'd probably tell you to buy a brand new amp from Bose.

I've read about people using a Helicoil to do the job. Might be your answer. Other then that, I would call up the turbo refurb places like CR Turbos or Turbo Dynamic and ask them for some advice.
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just rung back draft motorsports no luck they suggested second had or look for the same type off helicoil :banghead:
if you have one to spare to send me i will get some made
well i got 3 on my turbo now i could spare one as cars going off road Till i get it done how long do You think it will take thanks
Same sort of thing as Helicoil. This would be your solution if you cant find a genuine insert.

What happened to the insert you're missing?
when i was stripping all parts off donor car i must of lost i didnt even know it was any on the turbo till i took a closer look at it
The problem is getting from a m14 outer to m10 inner... nothing standard off the shelf will do that, it is a specialized part, quite interested in what Sidey found though, looks promising...
Standard ones are stainless by the way...
thats all i know is what bager5 told me earlier is m14x1.5 into M10x1.5 is the thread adaption if you can get them and get price loads of people need them
right guys i think iam willing to send one of mine into badger5 so he can make some up anyone else be intresed if he makes some up?
These work like the timeserts it will cost you around £220 for the tool + inserts believe it or not....

The Wurth Timeserts are mega expensive for the tiny kit you get. £1 an insert too for when you use the 5 that come with the kit. Far better than heli-coil though in my opinion.

I have a dud K03 down the shed, so will see if I can get the inserts out of that and get some detailed measurements/drawings made.

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