Air con not blowing cold 8P2 S3 (possible N280 valve issue)


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Nov 5, 2011
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Im having a bit trouble getting the air con to work on a 2007 S3 8P2.

System has been leak checked and regassed without any issues. 'Econ' switches on and off ok (light goes on and off) and engine rev's adjust slightly in response, but still no cold air blowing.

Ran a VCDS scan and no codes. Ran a VCDS log on the HVAC with the following results:

0.700 A A/C Regulating Valve (N280)
71.0 % A/C Regulating Valve (N280)
22.5 % High Pressure Sensor (G65)
6.0 bar Refrigerant Pressure
0 Compress. Torque Signal Status
5.0 Nm Compressor Torque
0 A/C Compressor Regul.Valve (N280) after more than 15 shut off's the N280 is not being actuated by J255 anymore

Im guessing a faulty N280 valve, which requires the compressor replacing.

Anyone any other ideas??
Switch air con on & have a look if the compressor clutch kicks in & works pulley.

As long as no leaks & correct pressure in air con system, then when aircon switched on fan & compressor should kick in

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