Need some advice please guys


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Jul 21, 2012
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Hi guys,

I have booked in my Audi A4 S line in with a local custom exhaust company who are going to design and create a quad system for my car as you would see on a S4, only problem I have found is that the valance will need changing and I'm struggling to find one that will fit. My question is, will the S4 valance(b8) fit my sline bumper (b8). If not can someone advise me on which one I need or where I can get a S4 bumper etc to fit as its booked in for next Friday. Otherwise I will have to purchase the Reiger back bumper.

Thanks in advance
If the valance doesnt fit, why not buy the S4 bumper instead of aftermarket, are the S4 rear quarters flared inturn bumper is aswell?
Yeah that's what I'm thinking of doing, the s4 bumper will fit the a4 no problem but don't want to buy a full bumper if I can get away with it lol. Cheers mate
Check out audizine Audizine Forums
Its one of the first things they do is fit a quad milltek.Then they really start chavving it up with body kits, lowering, 20" rims etc
Cheers Johnny, answered my question.