s-tronic on stage 3 tune


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Jan 9, 2010
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My S3 Sportsback is stage 3 custom tuned to 360bhp with 540nm and car is still running with the oem s-tronic clutch. I do not launch the car from standstill and do occasional track work abt once a month. Car is otherwise a daily drive with kids onboard so no spirited driving. I reckon I should start saving $$$ for a new clutchpack. However, I do not seem to find anything on uprated clutchpack for the s-tronic, most aftermarket clutches I see are for manual stick shift. Can anyone point me in the right direction?? Thanks.
^ Thanks m8. Would a DSG stage 1 tune prolong the lifespan of the oem clutches? Or should I wait till its shot and do the DSG tune after sorting out the uprated performance clutch?
Depends who you go with for your DSG software, I work for Shark Performance and their DSG software does the following:

- Raised RPM limiter
- Faster Gear Change
- Manual changes are actually manual
- Changes shift points in D
- Torque limiter is increased