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Wristbands have arrived.... And also a sticker each... ;-)

Jaye2992 do you want yours posting to you?
Excellent photos Mark! Better than these two, but I thought I'd make them available anyway!

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Had a fantastic day out.... RS engine in bits, ride out in the RS4 unbelievably quick and the A7 which was surprisingly fast just missing noise!!
Mark and Fran racing in there new cars.... Brilliant day, good to meet everyone again. Thanks to organisers and staff at Audi, as expected going the extra mile for customers.




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Great day had by all i think. Really enjoyed the passenger rides in the RS4 avant and the A7, both very fast and capable cars. Great to meet you all. Heres some of my pics:


And an S1 with black grills i think i prefer my chrome/silver ones :)

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This one?

I think it ended up being RS1 V10 twin engine didn't it? Only available in sepang blue because it looks EPIC! 8)
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Todays shots......

Hmmm something is missing here...

Oh this.... Monster V10 Lump

Whats this? Me sat in the back of a little RS4....

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Good to meet all you guys at this meet. I had no idea you were back in December. I only found out at tonight TT3 preview.

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Here is a quick photo taken at the TT preview at Harrogate Audi this evening.

Was good to see everyone

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ASN Yorkshire & Humberside Event #14 - Whitby Road Trip - Oct. 19th 2014.

Here are a few of my pictures from our little jaunt to the coast a few weeks ago.

ASN whitby1

ASN whitby2
ASN whitby3
ASN whitby4
ASN whitby5



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pics not working
Some good pics there John! All the cars looking fine as usual.... There was some undetected circumstances on the reason I didn't join yas this time around but im definitely on the next one!
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Quick question - does no one have concerns about registration plates on photos. A mate of mind had a nightmare for about two years with someone cloning his plate - parking tickets, speeding tickets the lot.
Well then if it happens we know it was someone on this forum as there is this thing called TRUST. I cannot speak for other forums but on ASN we like to think we can trust our members. Anyone who abuses that Trust will be ostracised from the forums forever, oh and they may have a few angry Audi owners hunt them down too wanting to strip their cars down to the very last nut and bolt! The thing is then they may be force fed each component and not through the nice way.
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Quick question - does no one have concerns about registration plates on photos. A mate of mind had a nightmare for about two years with someone cloning his plate - parking tickets, speeding tickets the lot.

I think aswell as what John said....

It is alot more difficult to clone modified cars because they are so unique and any enthusiast will be able to spot either minor or major differences straight away so although it still can happen, i think modified cars kind of minimise the risk of this type of crime and in the event of speeding tickets etc....your own car can be easily identified.

I generally do hide my reg on open social media sites but again as John said, ASN and its members have a level of trust.

I hear what you are saying guys, I pretty much agree. It would just be a complete pain in the AR$3 if it happened because some 'guest' and non forum member took it on themselves to have a plate made up.

Must catch up with a few of you when mine lands. (I'll bring some gaffer tape !)

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